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Diesel Hot Water Boiler For Sale

Diesel Hot Water Boiler For Sale

Diesel Hot Water Boiler is a cutting-edge heating solution designed to provide an efficient and reliable hot water supply. Engineered with advanced technology, this boiler combines high performance with exceptional energy efficiency. It’s compact design and robust construction ensure long-lasting durability and hassle-free operation.

  1. Capacity:10,000 to 500,000 BTU/hr (British Thermal Units per hour).
  2. Pressure:10 to 150 psi (pounds per square inch)
  3. Application: hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, or agricultural facilities, residential buildings, commercial spaces, food processing plants, and more.
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What is a Diesel Hot Water Boiler?

A diesel hot water boiler is a type of heating system that utilizes diesel fuel to heat water. It consists of a burner, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, and a circulation pump. The burner ignites the diesel fuel, producing a flame that heats the water in the heat exchanger. The heated water is then circulated throughout the building or a specific area to provide warmth and hot water for various applications.

How Does a Diesel Hot Water Boiler Work?

When the diesel-fired hot water boiler is turned on, the burner initiates the combustion process by spraying diesel fuel into the combustion chamber. The fuel-air mixture is ignited, creating a flame that heats the heat exchanger. As the water passes through the heat exchanger, it absorbs the heat from the combustion process. The heated water is then pumped to the desired locations through pipes, radiators, or underfloor heating systems, providing a consistent and efficient heat source.

Features and Benefits

High Efficiency

Our diesel boiler boasts an impressive efficiency rate, reducing your energy consumption and saving you money on your heating bills.

Environmentally Friendly

Thanks to its high efficiency, our diesel hot water boiler produces lower CO2 emissions compared to other heating systems, making it a more eco-friendly choice.

Wide Range of Applications

Whether you need heating for a residential, commercial, or industrial property, our diesel hot water boiler is the perfect solution.

Durable and Reliable

Built to last, our diesel hot water boiler ensures reliable heating for years to come with proper maintenance and care.

Easy to Maintain

Routine maintenance is simple and straightforward, ensuring your diesel hot water boiler remains in top condition and performs at its best.

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Diesel hot water boilers find applications in a wide range of settings, including:

  • Residential buildings: Providing heating and hot water for homes and apartments.
  • Commercial buildings: Supplying heat and hot water for offices, hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces.
  • Industrial facilities: Supporting manufacturing processes, space heating, and hot water needs in factories and warehouses.
  • Agricultural settings: Assisting with heating applications in barns, greenhouses, and livestock facilities.
  • Construction sites: Offering temporary heating solutions during construction projects.

Choosing the Right Diesel Water Boiler

When selecting a diesel water boiler, several factors should be considered:

  • Heating capacity: Determine the required heating capacity based on the size of the area or building you need to heat.
  • Efficiency rating: Look for boilers with high-efficiency ratings to minimize energy consumption and reduce operating costs.
  • Fuel consumption: Consider the fuel consumption rate to estimate running costs and ensure the optimal efficiency of your boiler.
  • Space availability: Assess the available space for installation to choose a boiler that fits properly.
  • System compatibility: Ensure that the boiler is compatible with your existing heating system or consider any necessary modifications.
  • Brand reputation: Research and select a reputable brand known for manufacturing reliable and high-quality diesel water boilers.
  • Warranty and after-sales support: Look for boilers that come with a warranty and consider the availability of after-sales support for maintenance and repairs.

Customer Testimonials

“We recently installed a diesel hot water boiler in our office building, and the improvement in heating efficiency is remarkable. Not only are our energy bills lower, but the boiler also heats the space much more evenly. We couldn’t be happier with our decision.” – John D., Facility Manager

“I switched to a diesel hot water boiler for my home, and my family has been raving about the improved heating. The boiler is also much quieter than our previous system, which is a big plus for us.” – Emma R., Homeowner

“As an environmentally conscious business owner, I was thrilled to find a heating solution that not only saves me money but also reduces my carbon footprint. The diesel hot water boiler has been a fantastic addition to my facility, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an efficient heating system.” – Michael S., Business Owner

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Technical Parameters

Types Thermal power Steam pressure Thermal efficiency Fuel Power requirement Length * Width * Height Weight Chimney
Unit Mw MPa % V/Hz mm t mm
CWNSL0.7-95/70-Y.Q 0.7 ≤1.25 96-98 Light oil,
natural gas
380/50 3730 * 1950 * 2430 3.43 300
CWNSL1.4-95/70-Y.Q 1.4 3710 * 2270 * 2850 4.55 350
CWNSL2.1-95/70-Y.Q 2.1 4440 * 2360 * 3220 6.18 450
CWNSL2.8-95/70-Y.Q 2.8 5170 * 2520 * 3310 6.33 450
WNS2.8-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q 2.8 5500 * 3260 * 3680 8.15 450
WNS4.2-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q 4.2 6500 * 3530 * 4320 13.94 550
WNS5.6-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q 5.6 7090 * 4030 * 4990 17.99 700
WNS7-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q 7 7650 * 4040 * 5090 20.43 700
WNS14-1.25-115(95)/70-Y.Q 14 9280 * 4350 * 5770 40.46 900

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